A TNT Production

As stated elsewhere, Tim & Twila are NOT your traditional wedding photographers. If that's your desire you can quit reading now and move on. Instead they bring nearly 100 years of combined media experience to each project. Photography, videography, aerial photography and video, writing, web design, editing, graphic design... they have both done it all and have worked together for the past 30 years. There is nothing they won't do for a great story but they won't be involved in a half-way, boring story. Tim says, "Life's too short not to have fun and be proud of what you create!"

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When you meet with Tim and Twila you will see that they are serious about what they do but insist on everyone having fun or why do it. While you interview them to see if they are a good match for you they will be doing the same thing with you and your story. TNT, as they are lovingly called by those who know what a dynamite team they are, believe that if they don't like you... if they don't fall in love with your story, they cannot give you the 1,000% they demand of themselves in telling your special love yarn!

There are many good photographers in this area who can take excellent pictures of your special day. But there is only ONE TNT and they will do whatever it takes to tell your story in a way you will revisit over and over for many years to come.


Twila began shooting pictures, telling stories and creating graphic design elements right out of high school and has never stopped. Her career has spanned more years than you would ever guess and the awards are too numerous to bother listing. But through it all, she has continued to build a love for recording beautiful images and sharing loving stories.

Tim started as a writer in grade school for the newspaper. He began to shoot pictures in 1972 and worked on the high school yearbook, the college newspaper and as a freelance writer and photographer for numerous local and regional papers before going to work as a photographer and reporter in television. Tim has produced three-second-long TV station IDs, 24-hour live telethons and everything in between.

Tim and Twila met in a newspaper where Twila was head of their design and production departments and he was asked to do some consulting work. While it might not have been love at first sight, there were enough sparks that they became instant friends and quickly learned they both loved writing and photography. Before long Tim produced a music video to ask Twila to marry him and she said, "Yes!"

For over 30 years they have been partners in nearly everything they do. They own three small companies they operate from their office and studio in their home and recently decided to expand their photography/videography business to include a very limited number of special wedding stories. Will your love story become a TNT Production?

Will Your Special Wedding Story Become A
TNT Production?

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