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Wedding photographer cost in Bowling Green

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

There are so many things to take into account when selecting your wedding photographer that it

is impossible to cover them all in one BLOG post. I’ve already covered compatibility in a previous post. Now we are going to talk about cost and some of the things that go into the value of a photographer’s service. The important thing to remember is, like most things in life, you generally get what you pay for.

When booking a photographer for your wedding you should be paying for experience, talent, knowledge and equipment. In addition to paying for their time shooting your wedding… equally important you are likely paying for hours of planning and many more hours of post production work preparing the photos before they present them to you.

When you are considering the price consider that no matter what the price offered you can always find someone to do it cheaper… but at what cost (See the humor there?). A few days after the wedding the flowers will be gone. You are not likely to ever wear the dress again… unless you are one of those fun brides who has a “trash the dress” party later. The cake will be gone. But the photographs will be around forever. You will likely share them with friends and family now and in years to come you will want to show them to new friends, your kids and maybe even your grandkids.

I once had a boss who taught me that when you invest in a product or service if you over pay a little bit you only waste the amount you over paid. But, if you under pay and the product fails or the service does not achieve your goals you have likely wasted your entire investment. While I don’t believe this is a black and white rule I do believe there is a good bit of wisdom to it. I say all that to say that when you find a photographer that you are comfortable with and who convinces you he/she will be able to capture your special day the way you want it captured… it might not be wise to quibble over a few dollars. Certainly budgets are important but it might be a wise investment to have a few less flowers or a slightly smaller cake to get good pictures of the memories you make.

Having said that we get back to cost. Our base fee for a wedding is $2,000 at the time of this writing. I say it that way because we are only going to book up to six weddings a year. If we have a lot of interest and all of a sudden three dates are booked we may raise our base rate. If you ever took economics in high school or college you understand supply and demand.

To be honest I don’t know what most of the experienced photographers in the Bowling Green area are charging for a wedding. And, in my opinion, for what we bring to the table we are a solid bargain at $2,000… two highly experienced photographers, top of the line Nikon camera and lighting equipment, nearly 100 years of combined photography experience and much more. But, only you can decide what you are willing to pay and what you are willing to give up to stay on your budget. Just remember, the photographs of Your Wedding Story are a forever investment in your future.

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